Our services

EnviroDiligence Ltd is an environmental consultancy that offers a wide range of services including environmental due diligence reporting from Phase I (Environmental risk assessment) to Phase 4 (Environmental monitoring). The following highlight some of our key environmental services; 


  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Desktop Studies
  • Obtaining environmental licenses on behalf of client
  • Detailed Intrusive Site Investigation
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Advice
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Formal Independent review  
  • Environmental Auditing and Environmental Compliance
  • Health and Safety Advisory Services



Environmnetal due diligence

Phase 1 environmental Risk Assessment include site inspection, review of environmental data and site history and consultations with local authorities and regulators to conclude a valid Conceptual Site Model.

Environmental due diligence

Intrusive site investigation

Following Phase 1 site investigation and when it is necessary to proceed for further investigations, Envirodiligence designs a suitable site investigation taking into account the specifications of the particular project and the relevant guidance and regaultions.


Our intrusive site investigation reports are always including qunatitative risk assessment to enable assessment of requirements for remdiation.

Intrusive site investigation